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    New iTunes Email Scam, Beware And Educate

    3 hours ago

    As an Apple user, or by coincidence, I received a standard phishing email looking for me to enter my iTunes account information and credit card information because my account will ...

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    How To Setup Google Alerts For Expanded Searching

    3 days ago

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    Apple Pay Should Be Forced

    1 week ago

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    Morning view 10-20-14 #picaday

    2 weeks ago

How To Setup Google Alerts For Expanded Searching

image-2881The Internet is vast, wide and at last count has over a trillion webpages. That's quite a bit. How can you possible consume all that information, especially the topics you are interested in? Short answer, you can't. How do all these blogs and people stay on top of the latest ...

Apple Pay Should Be Forced

image-2869Apple Pay is upon us. The automatic, card-less, payment method that makes it easy to transact business with only your phone and your finger. Easy. Simple. Unlike the media, and in some respects Apple themselves, I want to talk about the game changing technology that has just been unleashed into ...

Every Single Flu Vaccine Myth, Debunked

image-2874 Here for sharing far and wide is a collection of the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding flu vaccines, debunked point-by-point with lucid, thoroughly referenced explanations. So far this year, Ebola has upstaged the flu and stolen most of the headlines about a killer virus.Full Article
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