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A Techie’s Predictions for 2010

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The end of 2009 is growing near and a new year and a new decade is upon us. As we approach I am going to put some thoughts down on 10 things that I see what is to come for 2010. What gadgets we might see, what advances we might hear about, and where IT might be going or what will be adopted by the mainstream.  Then at the end of next year and throughout the year as predictions come true we’ll see how close I was.
  • Preditction #1 – 2010 will be the year of tablets. Taking the size of the netbook, the power of a laptop, and the cost under $1,000 will slingshot the tablets into the must have. The successful tablet will have the full capability to be used with a mouse like a laptop, but with a stylus be used as a full fledged paper notebook and quick and easy PC at your fingertips. Think about the time wasting touch screen games that will be coming with something like that. The iPhone was a prototype. Apple will be the first to publicly come out with a tablet, but I predict that Microsoft will release a Windows 7 table before Apple does. You will see a hardcore battle of Windows 7 vs. Apple… Apple will win.
  • Prediction #2 – A major cell phone provider will announce a multi-Billion dollar project to upgrade the country’s infrastructure to the cellular GSM network. The Unites States is in the stone age when it comes to the cell network infrastructure. 
  • Prediction #3 – There will be a targeted cyber-attack against the Internet’s backbone DNS servers. A large portion of the Internet will be unaccessible for several days. Sweeping legislation and a ‘bailout’ type money will be earmarked to push faster move to “Internet 2” IPv6 infrastructure.
  • Prediction #4 – There will be a “Facebook-killer” that will come online, be able to export all your Facebook contacts, settings, photos. The website will market itself as a secure, safe place to share and exploit the continuing Facebook privacy changes to a more uncontrolled, open setup.
  • Prediction #5 – A music purchasing site will drastically alter the copyright debate. It might be iTunes, Amazon, WalMart or a new comer. If you buy a song you own it for life to use on whatever device you choose. Some sites are close now to this model, but why this will alter the landscape is that the site will offer online streaming of your purchased songs. This will start to move the need away from the need for having the file on your local devices and the music provider can just stream it. In turn, this will curb ‘piracy’ or ‘misuse’ since you don’t have the file. This will be different from Internet Radio sites and applications because it’s your media you bought and have full control of playlists and such.
  • Prediction #6 – Netflix will announce that 30-60 days after initial release, new mainstream movies will be available for HD streaming. With as many devices that Netflix is getting included on, Blu Ray players, PS3, XBox, Wii rumors, etc… it’s inevitable that eventually they will have to offer this. People can only stand the current B-List movies and TV shows that are 3 years old for so long.
  • Prediction #7 – Twitter will go through a major re-design and implement a pay service model. News organizations will jump all over this.
  • Prediction #8 – Newspapers will finally realize that printing news that is the same as what’s online for free and old by the time to hits the streets doesn’t make money. So to maintain a paper revenue, newspapers will start to move back to the local interest by offering the major news on the website but different news in their paper editions so people will have a reason to buy the paper edition. What a concept…
  • Prediction #9 – Google Wave will begin it’s full force transition to replace Gmail
  • Prediction #10 – Mainstream Cloud Computing adoption will be slow. Not because of the technology, but companies will not want to give up control.
Let’s wait and see.
End of Line.
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