June 13, 2024

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Apple’s iPad Could Turn Current Customers Away from the iPhone.

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  It has been a few weeks since the introduction of Apple’s latest tech gadget called the iPad. Upon closer review and inspection, it basically is an enlarged iPhone/iTouch with Office Applications. That’s what it is, even down to the lack of multitasking applications which is my biggest gripe against the iPad. However, I’m sure it will sell well, the prices will drop and it will become a staple of technology must-haves… maybe. As I read around the blogsphere there is one angle I have yet to see explored, so I will explore it, or attempt to. That is that the iPad could potentially move people away from the iPhone. 

  I may be one of them.

  First let’s look at the iPhone and what it did for the Smartphone revolution. The iPhone almost single handedly ended the cell phone as a phone only. Bringing the Internet and expanded application support changed the game forever. Now most phones have some kind of internet capability as their central focal point and making phone calls is now second. Most people communicate more through non-voice methods than voice I would say. Not sure if it’s accurate, just using my use as a point of reference. Now there are other serious competitors in the market, Android, PalmPre, Blackberry and so on. All these now have some sort of application stores, expanded functionality and new ways to do new things as far as bringing Internet level features to the hand held phone. 

  Here comes the iPad. As I said before, at first look and deeper look, it’s a enlarged iPhone. The same or very similar OS, same app store, same functionality, some new things the iPhone can’t do like Office apps, and comes with built in Internet connectivity Wi-Fi or 3G. But it doesn’t do Cell phone voice communication (ignore VoIP for now). So you have a more expensive, larger iPhone with no phone. That’s what the iPad is. 
  I think Apple is moving forward with arrogant thinking that people who have iPhones will also have an iPad. This may be true for some. If i were to have an iPad I would use it pretty much identical to how I use my iPhone now, online apps. So, this raises the question, why do I need an iPhone if I have a 3G enabled iPad? The answer is, I don’t. 

  My biggest complaint about the iPhone, aside from lack of multitasking, is the service from AT&T. I moved off Verizon to AT&T because of the iPhone. BUT, if I can get a $14.99 a month for unlimited 3G service and do everything I can with an iPhone on an iPad, why wouldn’t I move back to a more stable, reliable Verizon network with a cheaper, regular phone with no data and pay way less than the $180 a month for two iPhones I pay now? 

  Apple is not seeing the potential of people jumping ship from the iPhone. The iPad may bridge the gap between the iPhone and Laptop too well and have it backfire on Apple. To me this is a very, logical move that I may make. It’s all about money. If people can save $50 a month and have two devices that give them the same if not a little more functionality, why not? If Verizon gets wise, offer unlimited data on an Android phone way under cutting AT&T, maybe even a special for iPad owners, they could make a dent and balance out the power away from the iPhone. 

  Why would I need two mobile devices that use the same applications? I may get an iPad and go get an Android phone and get different apps, functionality for cheaper monthly rates than AT&T and not drop calls every 10 feet.

  Of course, I am basing this off my own point of view, but it’s not too far fetched that others will look at this as well. Or just as simple, not buy an iPad to begin with because it really does not provide much more or enough WOW features from an iPhone. 

  People have a ‘blah’ attitude about it, like most I know, and won’t drop $500 plus a monthly fee for an iPad. Like me they will wait and upgrade to the iPhone 4G instead and enjoy their netbooks running Windows 7. 

  At first I was a big band wagon rider for the iPad. But now since the dust has settled and the dirty little secrets are leaking out about it (no flash support, no multitasking, AT&T, no camera, etc…) my excitement has cooled to ice.  

  It will make a gazillion dollars for Apple, but I don’t think as much as it could… and might lose customers in the process from the devices success.

The items in this post are purely the thoughts and opinions of the author. All facts and data are gathered across various sources and the author’s conclusions are based that information.

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