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Recommendation – Northland Fence and Repair of MN

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This past week I had a fence installed at my home. I live with a large, runoff pond in my backyard and a 2 1/2 year old boy. As a parent it started to eat away at me that those two things may not get along very well. So we went ahead and decided this year to put in a fence. Not a standard, chain link or wooden privacy fence, but a high quality, durable decorative iron fence.

So being the picky, I started my hunt. I am the kind of guy that when I know my requirements, no one will change my mind. I research, learn, see what it would take to do it myself then find the right partner who can do the best job for the best price. I hit the Internet and found about 5 companies. I called around and setup a few meetings, I eliminated several companies immediately for one stupid sale men practice. When I ask for a per foot cost with installation for a certain style, that should be a straight answer. If any company deflects me and has some one call me back, you are scratched off the list. My patience for attempts at an up sale is zero.

That’s when I called Northland fence. I spoke with a very pleasant girl in the office and gave her my intentions, what I was looking for, and as part of my screening asked for a rough per foot cost. She gave me a number, took my information and said that I would get a call to set up an estimate. Shortly after that, and I mean shortly, I got a call from Patrick. We got to chatting, very down to earth, straight to business, no BS. He came by the house, we measured out the yard, talked about options, styles and what I was looking for and gave me an estimate right there. Being a non-corporate bound company, we worked together on the price and came to an agreement.

Here’s the point that made me comfortable moving forward – I told him that I wanted a black decorative aluminum fence. He almost cut me off and said “No, I don’t install that. I like to give my customers quality. Same price as aluminum but I use iron with 20 year warranty.” That did it. Done deal. If he has that much consideration for the quality he puts in over getting any sale he can, that shows integrity. For that, I write this recommendation post and will recommend him to any neighbor that asks.

After we got the paperwork finalized we set the installation a few days out. The crew showed up right on time and spent the first day digging and setting the posts. Being that the ground was still somewhat wet they wanted a few days for the cement to get solid before they finished up, I had no problem with that. Get it done fast or get it done right. Patrick was very good with communication, calling me at the end of the day, letting me know schedules and asking if I had any concerns.

After the posts were set we had that sloppy, rain/snow fell. It was windy and nasty the day they were going to come back, that Saturday, and I assumed they were going to come back Monday to finish. Nope, the crew came back on Sunday and finished. I didn’t ask that, I didn’t demand it, Monday would have been acceptable, but they came back on Sunday. Fantastic.

As you can see from the photos, a Grade A installation. They hugged the top of the rock wall, bordered the yard perfectly, cleaned up the post holes, and touched up any nicks and dings with paint before they left. As you can see from the 3rd picture, straight as an arrow. That run is almost 90 feet. Quality.

So, in the fullest extent I can I recommend Northland Fence and Repair for any fence work you need. www.northlandfencemn.com

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