May 22, 2024

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Photography – Can I Use the Professional Tag Now?

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I am a technologist by heart but I grew up in a house with a professional photographer father. That was not his primary job, but did weddings, photo shoots and such on the side as a hobby. To this day he is still going strong and together we have setup a gallery NorthWorks Photo – His latest project called The Dark Cycle is in book form and available now. Being surrounded by it, naturally I took a liking to it and picked it up as a side hobby as well although I have regrettably not been focusing on it as much as I would like to.

Be that as it may, I still enjoy the art, the process, the creativity and maximizing the beauty of a frozen slice of time. As a super-techie I feel that this art is being lost as anyone with a smartphone and an app store can go out and take shots that in the old days of film were impossible. Even in the early age of digital cameras it took significant effort in post processing. Now it’s just a click of a button. In order to stand out you always need to be unique, awe inspiring, shocking, and catch things in a way where still requires focus and keep the art true.

Throughout the years I have changed my approach and always tried the newest and latest thing. Years ago I was experimenting with High Dynamic Range processing which required programming skills and patience. Now HDR is the current thing, saturating and being over done, so it’s time to move to the next thing…. which I think is going to be a form or variation of Infrared visuals. Last year I did a self project of taking a photo a day with only my iPhone. I didnt make it all 365 days, but I got over 320 shots.

Anyway, I have my photos scattered around the Internet, mostly on my Flickr page. I don’t do a lot of self promotion, I join appropriate groups and let whoever may find the shots come in and give their comments. My favorite and most liked shot was one I called Sunset Over Moorea. I posted it to a High Quality Wallpaper site where today is has over 160,000 downloads.

In addition to Flickr I have used DeviantArt since about 2001. That site is where I put my dabbles of 3D art and other digital creations I used to do. Recently I decided to put my photos up there as well. Usually I was pretty protective of my creations and put low resolution version out there to limit their unauthorized use, but I decided to take advantage of the sales section of DeviantArt. I set it up to get high quality sized prints available and Sunset Over Moorea has sold!

So since I have made money, can I call myself a professional now?

End of Line.

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