May 22, 2024

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Google+ First Impressions Should Induce Fear To The Rest

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So I was able to get an invite into Google’s new social networking site called Google+ (Google Plus). I have only been using it for a few days now, but I can say that if Google continues to stick to their course on where they are taking Google+, the other social networking site, especially Facebook, should be very, very concerned. 
Facebook will be the main focus point on comparisons because it’s the #1 site right now and has the most to lose. If you don’t think so, just ask Tom at MySpace. Nothing in IT is set in stone unless you move and change with the times. Facebook is getting stagnant and alienating it’s user base. Now, 750 million users is going to be tough to lose all at once, but if something comes along and does all the things that you wish the top guys does. That’s when you could have a mass Exodus.

Google+ may be just that trigger. Even though it’s in Beta trials right now, it already has surpassed Facebook in my eyes. Let me tell you why.

First off, which I feel is the most important aspect, is the Circles. In real social life all your friends and acquaintances are not created equal. Facebook doesn’t see thing this way, in Facebook everyone is a friend and unless you go into the clumsy security settings, you cannot control who can see and not see parts of your profile easily. This has always been my biggest gripe about Facebook is that it is too open and too social. Maybe this is what Zuckerberg wants, no classifications, no Final Clubs, no rowing clubs and so on. So everyone is a friend. Google+ takes this approach and squashes it with the feature called Circles. Social circles. Group your contacts as you group them in life. Then as you post and express yourself you can control what circles can see what about you.

This is important for two reasons. First, it should scare Facebook for the feature, but it should also scare the crap out of LinkedIn as well. If it’s maintained and Google continues to do it right, with the Circles I will be more inclined to bring more contacts into Google+. If I can bring in all my professional contacts, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and have the full control in the site to keep them separate. Why do I need to have information in more than one social site? With the Circles I can be the different shades of personality as I am in the real world, the goofy politically incorrect friend, the co-worker, and the business professional.

The second thing is the collaboration and group features of Hangouts and Sparks. Instead of individual contacts, reaching out to friends one by one to coordinate an event or something, create a hangout and get one on going chat room, video conference going where everyone can chat together. Outside of the social realm, just think of the business implications above and beyond instant messaging.

The third aspect is what Google will expand in the coming months is the integration of Google Photos, Blogger, Gmail, Calendar and the rest of the Google Apps. I use Google Apps 80% of the day and I cannot wait to see how they tie the room together in a unified platform. Throw in some amazing smartphone apps to extend photography, location sharing and everything else you expect from a social application and Google+ will quickly grow and turn lots of people back to more functionality with a simplistic approach.

People join social networks to socialize. Most don’t come to a social website to play games by themselves.

I have always been a fan of Google and what they do. I love the concept of Google Wave, I tried Buzz, but their rollout and handling of something turned me away, I live in Google Apps, Reader, Docs, Gmail, Calendar, I have a Google Voice number. I just love their approach to unification of all the little things we have to do and position it as a platform rather than a singular monster application.

Through 2011 Google+ should create a great disturbance in the Force and Emperor Zuckerberg may get tossed over the railing. We may not rid ourselves of Facebook completely, but reduce it to an automatic status update app in Google+ or Twitterfeed.

End of line.

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