May 22, 2024

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Pinterest – A Binary Review

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In the expanding world of social sites, you need to be more and more unique and different to stand out. I have found a new site that is very good at sharing things you may like in a very simple and easy way. Pinterest is the next social site to check out.

What makes this site stand out from the others is you are not sharing articles of text but pictures of things you find interesting. By using their quick and easy Pin It bookmark you can get things into your Pinterest boards as you browse. Throw in their iPhone app and upcoming iPad apps and you are on your way.

Pinterest is just not about sharing random things you like, it’s part of that, but if you are decorating a house, planning a wedding, christmas lists, books, movies, any collection this is where Pinterest shines. You create Boards of interests. Those boards then are specific to your subject. For example, here is my board for Books, Music, and Movies. As I come across reviews, articles, or posts about that subject I can quick Pin It, add a little comment and that’s it. Of course I can share that to Twitter and Facebook, which is standard operating procedures now for any social site.

I like Pinterest because I can consume mass amounts of items from people I follow and stumble across in the searches in a short amount of time. It’s an interesting approach to sharing items that you like. I can see this expanding to more unique ways of getting the information in. I like it because I can see the items right up front and not be over run with text.

Here are my Pinterest boards. I have a few collections, a few humorous ones, a personal one, and one for complete randomness. Check it out, have fun with it.

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