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VOIP Services

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VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, has been a silent monster over the past few years. VOIP has been quietly replacing older telephone switch networks for businesses and individuals telephone needs. As broadband became a requirement for businesses, VOIP made more and more sense to add telephony services to those pipes. This allows one network to be used for all data and voice services instead of maintaining a separate network, sets of devices and equipment to just do phone calls.

What is VOIP and can you take advantage of it at your home or business? The answer is yes. VOIP is an extension of your existing internet service and there are many benefits that you can get from moving to a VOIP telephone service. The first one is cost. It’s cheaper to run VOIP because you are using the existing hardware infrastructure that you have in place for your Internet service. You don’t need to run new phone lines, install wall ports, or put in telephone network devices which are different than your internet equipment. The other cost savings is around the service options for your telephone system itself. Conference calling, Caller ID, forwarding, voice mail, IVR features are things the telephone companies usually charge extra for. With VOIP you can find these options, in most cases, at no charge or significantly less expensive.

Another benefit of VOIP is the accessibility to the services. All you need is access to a broadband Internet connection. That’s all. With a traditional phone line you are anchored to your home or office, in the evolving world of more mobility the anchored approach is becoming limiting to meet user’s needs. In addition to significant flexibility, being connected to the Internet allows you to take advantage of other Internet based services like video conferencing, file sharing during the call, collaboration of documents, and security. Protecting your communications with traditional phone systems is not an easy option for the regular home or business user. VOIP allows you to fully encrypt and secure your transmissions just any any other internet traffic allowing you to fully protect all communications in and out.

Like any internet service there are lots of options who provide VOIP. The challenge is to narrow them down to find the quality service for the best price. A place that I use is a website called Consumer-Rankings.com which review the best VOIP providers and ITP VOIP. They have a good list of several different VOIP services and customer rankings to help you narrow down and see what others think about the services. Like anything your choice is going to come down to what service meets your needs and for the best price. 

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