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Binary Review – David Guetta: Nothing But The Beat

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I am a huge techno fan, in fact that pretty much all I listen to. One of my favorite DJs is David Guetta. Over the last few years his tracks from 2009 album One Love are some of my favorites and have been made into some pretty sweet remixes. With his latest album now out called Nothing But The Beat I was eagerly waiting to get his next round of thumpers. However as I have listened to the tracks several times now, I am quite disappointed at his latest collection.
The album is two discs. The first one is a Hip Hop style with collaborations with “top” Hip Hop artists and this really lost me. This doesn’t sound like a David Guetta album, it sounds more like a collection of bad Hip Hop of artists clinging onto the David Guetta name. There is only one track that I found worthy of adding to my playlists and that’s the one with Snoop Dogg called Sweat.
Sweat – Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta
The second disc is a more traditional instrumental techno album, but this too is slightly off from the dance energy that he got from his first album in 2009. You can still hear samples of flavor of that in the songs but this second disc sounds more like an attempt to be more hard core like Daft Punk. These tracks are not bad, but they are not what I expected and they are not all that good. The two that stood out for me are below. The first one is called Toy Story which incorporates the old 8-bit music style with hard beats and the second called Alphabet mixes in a rock sound. Alone these are good songs, but collectively they fall short.
Toy Story


Overall I enjoy the album and I will continue to listen to it but I was disappointed as what was delivered was very different from what I expected. I hope David Guetta sees this and goes back to the style that put him on the top in the first place.

Binary Rating – 3/5.

End of Line.

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