June 17, 2024

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Binary Review – Rainbow Play Systems

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As part of being a good consumer I feel that if services I render go beyond my expectations the company delivering the services deserves a public pat on the back. Recently I made a purchase with Rainbow Play Systems (homepage and Facebook page) and I can’t say enough positive things about the experience. The great thing is even though they have a global presence they are a born and bred American company.

This should be more important to people.
The first day of the Minnesota State Fair my wife and I dropped the 2 year old (soon to be 3) off at school and went to enjoy the fair adult style. We traveled around to the various booths and as we headed toward Machine Hill the Rainbow Play Systems area was nearby so we decided to stop in to take a look. Now when we went there we had intentions to get a play system at some point but it was something we went their to do. When we arrived their booth had the demo play models up front where all the kids can use them and there was a no-playing section for their show models in the back. We met Tom at the desk and he let us into the area to browser around. As we looked around we started to get the idea of what would work in our yard configuration and what kind of playset a soon to be 3 year old would grow into. 

Tom was very, very helpful, informative, answered all our questions and most importantly was not a pressuring sales guy. If he was we would have left. Anyway, as we looked around one set caught our eye. The wheels started to spin on maybe actually making a deal this year for his birthday present. Tom worked with us for almost 30 minutes answering everything I was throwing at him, believe me the Binary Blogger is thorough. Tom put together a package and a deal for the actual show floor model that was at the fair. It was behind the high traffic play areas so other than people like us looking at it, it wasn’t going to get the play abuse during the fair like the others. We took it under advisement, Tom gave us his card a print out of the playset with all the numbers on it and we left. After about 15 minutes, it didn’t take long, we turned around and headed back and made the deal. Got all the paperwork done and set a delivery and install date the day after the fair.

The day before the installation I got a call from the install crew that they were going to be there at 7am to deliver and install it. Excellent, first thing in the morning get it in and done before I go to work. Sure enough at 7am on the nose they were at my door. I got them setup on where to position it and from when they unloaded the trailer to driving away it was less than 50 min. They positioned it, hung all the swings, put everything together and they were done. Because it was a floor model, they even left behind some extra stain to touch up some scuffs that got picked up along the way.

From the introduction to installation this was one of the most hands off, care free business transaction I have had in a long time. I would recommend Rainbow Play Systems to anyone, anytime.

The results speak for themselves.

End of Line.

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