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Dopiaza – Your Answer To Dynamic Flickr Sets

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If you are a photographer of any level you probably have heard of or use Flickr. Uploading and sharing photos to the world. You have the ability to create collections and sets to make organizing and sharing your photos easier. However, there is one major missing component in Flickr that has not been addressed in years even though the users continue to ask for it. Dynamic Sets.

In the world of iTunes and other music players, we are used to dynamic lists based on criteria. I use iTunes almost exclusively through the Smart Playlist features. I create a playlist based on criteria of music and whenever I add new music my playlists get updated automatically.

In Flickr this is not there, so if you were to use Flickr daily by uploading new photos, like I do, you have to go in every now and then and manually add all your new photos to your sets. It’s cumbersome, slow, and has a high rate of missing photos. So I did what lots of other users did and scoured the web to look for alternatives to Flickr. Picasa was an option but I am not that impressed with their interface and options. I pay for the Flickr Pro and have for years and moving my thousands of photos out to something else is not appealing.

That’s when I stumbled across a site called Dopiaza. Dopiaza is a site run by a guy who is a Flickr API master. He works for a company that has a huge Flickr integration and he created tools to make up for Flickr’s native gaps. One of those features he built is the ability to create Dynamic Sets in Flickr.

When you get to the site you simply click Manage My Sets, go in and create a new set, add your criteria like you would for any other dynamic list you have created in the past. You can set the criteria on the photo’s tags, description text, date taken, date posted, and even GPS locations. Set it up to check for new photos everyday and there you have it. It’s just that simple. You now have dynamic sets in Flickr and the only thing you need to worry about is that the new photos have the proper tags or criteria to get into that set.

Now you can post your slideshow on a website or blog and not have to worry about it again. One of my dynamic sets for my daily photograph is below. Enjoy.

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