April 24, 2024

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Binary Review – Phillips Wake Up Light

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So Mrs. Binary received a Phillips Wake Up Light to review for her blog and she has been using it for a few days now. Her review is going to be far different from mine because my review is going to be from the point of view of a spouse who is not trying out the Wake Up Light for a blog review. I am an innocent bystander to a cruel experiment in one’s sleep routine.

The Wake Up light concept is that you are gently pulled out of your sleep gradually in a pleasant way rather than getting kicked out of sleep by a blaring radio or alarm. Much like the rising sun’s rays peeking through the bedroom blinds, piercing your eyelids in a blinding pain, nature’s way. That’s the idea anyway. Except there is one major side effect that people won’t take into account and the company ignores, this alarm is not designed for people that sleep in the same bed and get up at different times.

Let me detail how it looked from my point of view.

How it looked before the Wake Up Light shined up.

How it looked to someone who is not testing out a Wake Up Light after. 
Did your mom ever do this to you as a kid to get you out of bed? She comes in, turns on all the lights and opens all the shades then walks out… how did it feel to get all that light to wake up to? Similar experience. 
Background music from another radio or TV, I can mentally shut off or at a minimum the music gets integrated into the dreams and I don’t know the difference. You can’t shut off a spotlight burning through your retinas at a level you can see the blood vessels in your eyelids from the inside. From my point of view using this light to wake up from it doesn’t happen until the lamp is near full power anyway, at lower levels you just can’t see it with your eyes closed.
I understand the concept and illusion of another sleep gadget to help us get better sleep and start the day fresh and ready to go. If you want to wake up to a light, save yourself $100 and buy a $10 timer and put that on your lamp. Same concept and results. 
If you have sleep problems then this is worth a shot. But if you have someone else sleeping next to you that gets up after you do, be considerate to the blinding hell you may inadvertently introduce. You may wake up refreshed, but your significant other… not so much.
At least the Wake Up Light has a clock radio in it as well so it’s not a total loss.
End of Line.
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