May 25, 2024

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Binary Review – Elf On The Shelf

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If you have paid attention at all this Christmas season you would have seen this year’s hot item called Elf On The Shelf. This has been around for a few years and was mainly seen in arts and craft stores, boutiques, and small seasonal areas. Not anymore, this has gone mainstream.

I am insanely jealous of the people who created this product. It’s simple, the kids love it and now they are millionaires. Good for them…

The concept is simple, there is an Elf and a story. As a family you name the Elf, ours is called Ernie, you read the story about the Elf and what he does and the kids fall in love with it. There even is a registration system where you put your Elf’s name in and print off letters and certificates from Santa.

The Elf is a spy for Santa, they don’t call him a spy, but he watches you for Santa. As parents you job is to put the Elf on the shelf and each night move him around the house. The more crazy locations in goofy positions the more fun it is. The creators even added in a catch around his placement, you cannot touch the Elf or he will lose all his magical powers and won’t be able to tell Santa if you are good or bad.

If you have kids under 6, they will eat it up. To all the Elf on the shelf haters… enjoy your coal.

Here’s the first days of our Elf on the shelf, I’ll keep throwing out weekly updates up to Christmas.

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