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What’s On Binary’s iPad – Social Apps

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The iPad’s mobility what drives social interactions on the Internet. Without this Twitter and Facebook would be stale, boring, and like the evening news only interesting at the end of the day if people only updated from the anchor of a desktop. The iPad is not an anchor. The next entry in my little series, What’s On Binary’s iPad, Social Apps. Of course I have more than these, but the ones listed are apps I used regularly.

I’ll start with the obvious one, Facebook. I use the Facebook app made by Facebook. If you look at the ratings and complaints about the app and you might be turned away but I have never experienced those things. Now I use the Facebook app to check updates primarily and don’t use it as the main sharing tool, but I like it. I did use other Facebook apps and I got more frustrated when those apps broke because Facebook changed their APIs and I had to wait for the other apps to catch up. It works for how I use it.

Foursquare, the social check in app, it’s more on the iPhone that I use this one but I am going to put it in here anyway. I have been using Foursquare more and more because the places I go are starting to use it for deals. I go to these establishments anyway, why not check in and get deals or perks for my visits. I really am not into using it as a social gathering tool and I don’t use it everywhere I go. I usually check into a location at least once to see if there are specials to go after. If not, then I generally don’t do it again.

Scvngr is everything Foursquare is not. I like Scvngr far better than Fourquare. It has the same concept is you check into locations that you visit. What sets Scvngr apart from Foursquare is the activities and challenges you can do. With Scvngr, in order to get perks and specials you not only have to check in but you get points by doing things at that location. Take a picture of something specific and post it, check in with a buddy, give a tip and you can create your own challenge. Then you can see what perks are available at a location and go for it to get the points required to redeem it. When you redeem it you give the clerk a code or show them the phone and the points are deducted and you get a free beer, wings, or 25% off, etc…

Hootsuite is my Twitter app of choice on the mobile devices and desktop. If you do not use Hootsuite I highly recommend you check it our. It’s similar to the column/grouping like TweetDeck only it’s web based and works far better. The transition from the desktop full web version to the iPad version is as close to seamless as it can be. What I do on either is flawless. I have found that in places with low reception, like a crowded bar, Hootsuite doesn’t refresh or load very well so I revert back to the native Twitter app. But primarily I use Hootsutie.

Into_Now may look like a social check in for TV shows. When you look at it with a technical eye you can’t be absolutely stunned on how this app works. Imagine Shazam for TV shows but it can detect Live shows just as good as a re-run. You run the app and let it listen to what you are watching, usually in 10 seconds or it will tell you what you are watching and the episode. I am sop amazed buy the technical ability of this app I went out and researched how it works and found this post from the Into_Now team.

“At its core, it uses a technology called “fingerprinting” in which algorithms analyze incoming audio and produce a unique binary representation which can then be injected into a search engine and matched.  Every second of every day, servers in our data center fingerprint 130 live US television feeds in real-time and inject fingerprints into a distributed search engine. When you tap the green button in the application, our algorithm produces a fingerprint of the audio coming in from your microphone. That fingerprint is sent to our identification grid and matched against the real-time TV fingerprints and our back-catalog of 140 million minutes (equivalent to 266 years of television). A result is typically returned within 200ms.”

There are other apps that use for Social networking but I will leave this list here for now and maybe come back with a Part Deux later.

End of Line.

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