May 25, 2024

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Facebook Testing New Paid Feature For Timeline Placement – God Help Us

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Every single day Facebook finds another way to not be a social networking site. I stumbled across an article, which has not been mainstream yet, that will allow users to pay to get their posts at the top of the time lines and stay there. God help us.

Here’s why this is probably the worst idea and will backfire for those who actually use this feature. First off, depending on how many friends are in your network, you don’t want to keep filtering past updates you already read. This is a quick consume and move on world. Having Jenny’s birth announcement stuck at the top of your timeline for days is not going to make you remember it any more. As a user this would be the first major annoyance. As a side effect for a personal perception for any user that would pay to have their status remain on top is that everyone will think you are a pretentious, ego-maniac to require that level of attention.

An everyday user may use this pay to promote feature once as a joke, for a $1 who cares. It’s the real users of this feature that will annoy everyone and their mother… the semi-pro bloggers. These are the people you follow that have a blog or two under their real names. These are the people that will get unfriended, unfollowed and ignored if they use this. It’s bad enough that most of these bloggers, website owners, business owners use Facebook with their personal names and primarily post self-promoting updates. This is not why I have them on my Facebook friends list, if they want to promote their side projects, create a Facebook page. Now, if they are able to pay to get their posts to stick around, I’ll drop them like a wood tick.

Facebook has lost sight on what it is and hung up on maintaining that $90 billion value and the only way they can do that is by nickel and dime the users for every little feature. This is not socializing. Some people will love it, but over time the only people that will be seeing these paid posts are other people who pay to have their posts featured. The rest of the user’s will go off to someplace else to share intimate social details.

Google+ is looking very, very good right now.

End of line.

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