April 24, 2024

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CA IdentityMinder – Tips, Tricks & Findings

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I am currently the Manager for an Enterprise Identity and Access Management implementation at my current employer and basically building it from the ground up. Clean slate. The product suite chosen, which I have over 10 years of experience working with, is CA Identity and Access Management suite. I will be using the new, re-branded names when referring to the products. Right now I have GovernanceMinder in and cruising and working on IdentityMinder.

As I build up this Enterprise deployment, like most commercial software, there are bumps in the road that the stock documentation won’t help you with. No matter the vendor, you run into this. My biggest gripes is that there are so many disjointed forums, boards, and ‘experts’ filling the responses with absolutely responses I am going to post here all the tricks, tips, and gotchas I find along the way. I am recording these down for my own toolbox notes anyway, putting them out here to to help makes sense. If you find of of these posts useful and I saved you 15 hours of research and stress, throw a Thank You my way.

I will put all these posts under the IdentityMinder tag on this blog and before I even start working on provisioning I already have plenty of posts around installation and configuration that I have found and one big getcha if you are running 64-bit Windows JBOSS or thinking of going to that configuration.

Let’s have some fun!

End of Line.

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