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2013 Tech Predictions

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It’s that time of year to look into the crystal ball and give my technology predictions for 2013. Last year’s predictions were a little loose, broad, and I had some fun with it. 2013 is going to be more focused and specific, not as broad. To make it simple it will be a Top 10 list.

Binary Blogger’s Technology Predictions for 2013

  1. Apple Will Make A Watch – Apple has already started to dabble in the wristwatch with the nano bands. This was a test for their upcoming iWatch device. A fully integrated nano type device that will tell time but do much more. I see this having a built in pedometer similar to the Nike+ device for your shoes and possibly having bio metric measurement capability. The device will have no headphone port but via bluetooth will connect to new wireless headphones Apple will also release. Data will be sent to our iPhone, iPad, or iMac for synching data to the cloud. The device will have no WiFi.
  2. Apple will release a touchscreen iMac – Carefully watching the Microsoft Surface and other touch screen computers getting hooked onto Apple will finally step up and release a touch screen iMac.
  3. Twitter Continues to Tighten Up Their APIs – Twitter has been cutting off functionality of their APIs crippling other 3rd party applications. Twitter will create a pay-for API model to get main features back for big time applications killing off all the private, one-off Twitter projects. This is all done under the wave to momentum to going public.
  4. Facebook Gets A Serious Threat – A new social network methodology makes an appearance that will force Facebook to change everything they do. The new site will be against Facebook’s privacy practices and be open to secrecy and social circle restrictions, just like real life. People flock to it. Google+ continues to fade away as Google continues to lose sight on who they are.
  5. Microsoft Xbox (Next?) Is Announced And Takes On In Home Cable –  Cut the cable cords, Microsoft’s new game console will be a home media hub. Gaming will just be another thing it does. It will have a Blu-Ray player, more online video apps than now, and take on Cable TV by offering popular channel programming like Discovery, History, FX, etc… (not necessarily those channels). People will be focusing more on the media aspects of the new console then the gaming improvements.
  6. A Power Company will be hit with a software bug – A power company in the Unites States will be hit with a software bug from an upgrade that will cause a power outage for millions. It will be so bad the White House will get involved to make more laws around Infrastructure Security and Protection.
  7. Windows 8 will revert back to the Start Menu – Windows 8 failure will be deemed, in part, to the horrific tablet targeted interface on the PC. The new Windows head and the demands of the people will force Windows to bring back…WINDOWS.
  8. Barnes and Noble will take the Nook and partner with Microsoft – I personally prefer the Nook over the Kindle for a number of reasons. But the fallout from the Apple vs. Samsung court decision companies will run from Android. B&N behind the Kindle will partner with Microsoft and release Windows based tablets ditching Android based devices.
  9. A drone will crash in the Unites States – A drone will crash in a metropolitan area and unfortunately will kill people on the ground. It will turn out that the drone was privately owned and privately built by a corporation and used in a surveillance operation unknown to any police or government officials. This event will blow off the lid on drone use in the United States and how they are registered, used, and what payloads that they carry.
  10. Government Goes Off The Common Sense Cliff Around Video Games –  A nutball politician will propose a law that will make it punishable for a minor to be playing a video game rated Mature. As fallout and emotional reactions spread from terrible events of violence this will be the result. Much like parents being accountable for a minor consuming alcohol in their presence, they too will be accountable and jailed for having a minor in their house hold playing M-rated, violent video games.
These are my predictions for 2013. In 12 months we’ll see how insightful I am.
End of Line.
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