May 22, 2024

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Binary Review: iOS App – Happier

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Here is my review for a new iOS app called Happier, a new social networking app that solely focuses on Happiness. It may sound corny, stupid, awkward or at least I thought so when Mrs. Binary brought this to my attention but my attitude quickly changed.

Happier is a wonderful breath of fresh air and I have found myself using the app more and more throughout the day. Happier is all about things that make you happy. That’s it! You post updates like any other social status update only Happier only wants happy things.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, blogs have many good things about them but status after status gravitate toward the negative, complaining, ranting, things that make you mad or just bummed out. Increasing studies are showing constant use of social networks bring down your emotional states, increase depression, anti-social behavior (ironically) and I would say it’s partly due to the isolated, non-physical nature of social networking but it also has to do with all the negative posts. Happier doesn’t have this.

Happier is new so there is definite room for growth and addition of features but the app is quite simple. You posts happy thoughts, photos, ideas and share them with your friends, make them public for all to see or keep them to yourself in a private journal type setup. Others can then like your post, post a photo response of your smiles and leave comments.

Happier also has a reminder feature to notify you to post a happy thought. No matter what your day is going like if you follow the app it makes you stop and think about something that makes you feel good and write it down. It’s a very fresh, new, innovative idea that has more benefits than another method to post a social update.

These guys may be on to something.

In addition to the iPhone iOS app you can also update your happy thoughts through their website. which they need to advertise better because I didn’t know about that until I brushed up for this post.

I highly recommend this app if you are into social networking and are looking for something fresh and pleasant to to break up your bad day. Even if you don’t publicly post your happy thoughts just the act of stopping and thinking about a happy thought and recording it is a healthy thing.

If the Happier team reads this here are a few features I would like to see added in the future

  • iPad app for sure.
  • Foursquare or location based integration, lots of people are happy at locations
  • Weather data integration, similar to the DayOne journal app that I love, capture the current weather for your location.
  • An ability to export or sync to Dropbox
Check it out, it will make you happier.

End of Line.
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