June 13, 2024

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Online Marketing Is Out Of Touch With Online Style

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I am an IT geek but I think I would make a good marketer. I have found that marketing folks, some of them, are out of touch with how the real world receives their messages. Now as the world is moving beyond 30 second TV spots to shorter more frequent blasts the messaging style hasn’t changed and I am surprised no one has changed their approach yet.

Here’s what I am talking about, online commercials. I watch a lot of videos, news videos, tech videos, waste of time humor videos. YouTube, Vimeo, Break, they all have commercials that pop in from time to time that you are forced to watch anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds. However I noticed something, most of the time I am counting down the timer and after the fact I have no idea what the product or service was that I just waited through. Not because I wasn’t paying attention but because the marketing message never showed it.

That’s the problem for the marketing world, they are out of touch with the technology. If your messages are only to be seen for the first 15 seconds, don’t spend 30 seconds with a ‘story’ and then your produc punchline. You don’t have that time. The first 3 seconds should have the product name, right there, up front and personal. Otherwise your video is just filler. Waste of money. As soon as the ‘Skip Ad’ link lights up the viewer is gone. Poof. Your story and product you are trying to sell is never seen.

Maybe I don’t understand the marketing world, but I do understand it as a consumer. If you want me to even consider buying your product, I have to know what it is.

Focus on how your message is consumed as much as it is presented.

End of Line.
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