May 22, 2024

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Binary’s CA World Blog Post Failures

1 min read

So apparently after reviewing my iPad publishing program, not reviewing my blog itself, all my blog posts from my attendance to CA World never were posted. I had planned to, and did, write live posts as I went through the day but darn it, they never made it. They got stuck in online Draft mode in the iPad app I was using that will remain nameless. A few days of getting back into the groove of work and enjoying the first 70 degree days in Minnesota since last Oct. I haven’t gotten around to the blog. Then I saw nothing… BAH!

I think it was more of a network failure when I posted them rather than the app because the other social network activity, Twitter, LinkedIn, Storify worked most of the time. It said it was posted but never made it out the door.

Oh well… no sense posting them now since they were all “real time” and meant mostly for the other attendees.

I need to go back to the drawing board and write up more general, thought provoking posts about all the great cloud and identity conversations and panels I was part of and crank up the frequency of entries.

End of Line.
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