May 27, 2024

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A Binary Blogger Newsletter, Would You Be Interested?

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Binary Blogger started off as a hobby, it still is, but I am finding that I want to expand it more and more. I see what others have done and are doing with their blogs and I look at mine and think ‘I can do that.’.

I have Google Analytics on this blog to watch the traffic and I have been shocked at what has transpired over the past 6 months. As I started to write different types of articles, more focused on a topic, my traffic jumped exponentially. Other than posting articles from time to time and advertising that I have a new post on my Twitter account I don’t do any marketing. Yet I have many thousands of unique visitors each month. Wow.

My Twitter account has less than 500 followers and that hasn’t been my main source of traffic yet it’s the medium I put the most energy and time into. According to the data I am backwards and ignoring the masses that come to see what I am producing.

Starting in June I am going to put together a plan to bulk up Get more posts in more variety of topics. Instead of just focusing on Cloud, Identity Management, Video Games I am going to start throwing out Entertainment Reviews of TV shows, movies, create how to articles on everything and start adding recipes since I love to cook and talking about my photography.

As a unique addition to that I am going to put together a Binary Blogger Newsletter. Start off as a monthly gem that shows up in your email box that contains more fun stuff to brighten your day that won’t be on the blog or on Twitter. Maybe over time I will get into the contests and give aways, guest postings (I have requests all the time for those).

The question is will anyone subscribe to the Newsletter? Hopefully next week I should have the process fine tuned. I will be using Mail Chimp for the newsletter. It’s free and was the most recommended that I came across.

I don’t have anything ready to go out yet but you can subscribe to the newsletter now and be the first to receive it. I promise the only thing you will receive from me is the newsletter no more than twice a month. I’m not going to be that guy…

To give you a flavor of the fun I plan to have, the subscription process is more fun than others.

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