May 25, 2024

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How To Build An Effective Enterprise IT Program

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This year I presented at CA World 2013 and sat on two expert panels focusing mainly on Identity and Access Management and Cloud topics but also touched on what needs to be done from the business side in order to be successful with all this cool technology. Unless you can break the cycle from relying on the technology for your program you will hit a wall and the program will stall.
The technology should be able to be upgraded, replaced, migrated, shifted, expanded independent of the business flows. Most IT programs I have seen focus far too much on the technology and tools being implemented and don’t spend enough time documenting and detailing the ‘What’ of the business.
Business flows are the ‘What’. 
Technology is the ‘How’. Over time IT strives to make the ‘How’ better but the ‘What’ remains the same.

So I took my CA World presentation and broadened the scope and message to expand those approaches to any Enterprise IT Program and put it up on my new favorite business resource website, SlideShare. This is one way, but in my experience the farther away you get from IT in your requirements the easier it is to confuse stakeholders with IT talk.

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