April 12, 2024

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Binary Review – The Pocket Hose

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That’s right, I am going to review The Pocket Hose. In the expansion of my blog out into everything that Binary Blogger experiences, I will review what I feel is worth reviewing. The Pocket Hose is one of those things that I feel needs to get some big kudos.

And no, this is not a paid sponsored post, it’s a genuine review.

I picked up the Pocket Hose this morning as I was getting my annual purchase of flowers, plants, shrubs and other gardening supplies. Here in Minnesota planting time is a sacred and much welcomed time of year. Anyway, there was the Pocket Hose sitting by the register and I did need a new hose for my front yard. Trying to drag my large 75 foot hose from the back to the front yards through the fence is a pain.

I asked the cashier about it and she had said people have loved it. Priced at $19.99 it was worth a shot.

If you have ever seen the commercials, I also posted it above, this product does exactly what the commercial says it does surprisingly. I got the 50 foot hose and it is as compact as the photo shows. Fits right in your hand and stores on the shelf of my cabinet. When it’s hooked up and water is flowing it does expand to the full 50 feet and the hose itself is as strong and firm as a static rubber hose. When the water is shut off it shrinks right back up and all you do is wrap it up, connect the ends together and tuck it away.

But the best and undermentioned feature is the shut off switch on the end of the hose. In the photo you can see a small switch by the thumb. This is a small thing but it’s great when you are out in the yard and need to switch the sprayer to the Miracle Grow fertilizer. No need to run back to the faucet shut it off, run to the end switch the nozzles, and run back to the facuet and turn it back on. Just shut off the water at the end, switch and you are back in business. Since the water is still flowing the hose won’t shrink. I would guess if the switch wasn’t there and you went to switch nozzles the hose would shrink back up and that would be worse than a regular hose.

If you have a house where you can leave your hose in one place all the time then this hose probably isn’t for you. But if you store the hose after each use or are in the northern climates and have to store it for the winter this is a slick deal and for $20 you can’t go wrong.

Pocket Hose, it’s really how it’s seen on TV.

Binary Rating – 4 out of 4.

…I can’t believe I just took time to review a As Sold On TV garden hose…

End of Line.
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