June 22, 2024

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If You Want To Succeed You Must Trust Others

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In today’s vast social media, updates, profiles, photos, stories and bios people have become more cynical. But to be a complete cynic is to be completely unhappy.

We interact with people every single day, rely on them, count on them as they count on you. Even though it’s cliche, “Faith in your fellow man” is important to have. Why worry about a million what-if scenarios that will never happen just because you don’t trust anyone?

There are enough things in your life to keep you busy than to spend energy worrying about the improbable in addition to the things you worry about anyway. Use your brain for productive uses on truly important tasks, like working hard to pay your bills to support yourself and your family. In general, most people, are reliable, honest, hardworking and do their jobs well. So have some faith in them.

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will be miserable if you don’t trust anyone.

This is where your skills of observation, past problems solved, and intuition comes into play to detect deceptions but not everyone is out to take advantage of you. Take you job for instance (this may not apply to you but read it anyway). Look around and see how much jealousy and distrust that go on in the office environment. If not yours then someone you know has complained about it I’m sure. Why do so many people feel as if they’re being taken advantage of? It’s from the lack of faith in their co-workers and superiors.

If you are constantly thinking in this way look inside yourself and there might be something wrong with you. Find the faults and get rid of them, yes you have faults even if you don’t think so. Or worse, you think your faults are better than other’s virtues. That attitude will make you unhappy at your job or anything else you do. You didn’t get that promotion not because the other guy was liked better it was because he was more qualified than you.

Companies, in general, are only concerned about what’s best for the company and who’s best equipped for the tasks. Personal preference doesn’t matter that much in the real world, even if justifies your displeasure.

So get off your behind and make up your mind to throw some faith into people, including your superiors.

Here’s a good quote from Elbert Hubbard:

There are two kinds of discontent in this world; the discontent that works, and the discontent that wrings its hands. The first gets what it wants, and the second loses what it had. There is no cure for the first but success, and there is no cure at all for the second.”

End of Line.
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