May 25, 2024

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Learning Is The Path To Success, Don’t Stop Ever

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I am in an industry that if I don’t take the time to learn about the latest trends, technologies, methods, styles, and visions then I will be left behind and put into a career rut that I won’t be able to get out of. So I need to learn and in some cases more intensely that any schooling I have ever done. But at this stage it’s an enjoyable aspect of my life not a cram session. You retain more when you enjoy doing it.

Unfortunately, most people reach a certain point in their lives where they choose to stop leaning and cruise with the knowledge that they have acquired. I say choose to stop because it is an individual choice to not learn.

Past posts that I have written about enthusiasm, trust, interest, concentration, problem solving, imagination are all necessary to learn. You start by being curious about something new, you then get enthused, then concentrate and get focused and all that’s left is accomplishment and success.

Everyone is capable of learning, no one knows it all or ever will. Even the ‘experts’ don’t know it all, why do you think their offices are filled with books? The old saying “We learn something new everyday” is only true if you do. Learning something new is something that just happens, it’s something that you need to do.

If you want to learn something, like anything else, GO DO IT! Look at your job and ask yourself, do I understand all the ins and outs of what I do? Do you know what all the departments do in the company? Do you know what your company does completely? Pick a sub-topic and pick up a book about it. For no reason other than your own knowledge advancement. You will find that the more broad knowledge you have will help you do your job more effectively. All you need is that one mental nugget of new information. You will never get that if you don’t go beyond yourself.

Take my personal experience for example. A few weeks ago I noticed that my air conditioner was not cooling the house as good anymore, air flow seemed reduced, and eventually I found out my inner cooling coils completely froze over with several inches of ice in my furnace unit. Bad stuff. It was the weekend and all the HVAC places were closed so I had no AC for a few days. In that time I went out and read everything I could to understand how that whole system worked to get to the point of having solid ice where it was. I didn’t have the skills to fix it, but I learned down to the coil valves how it all worked. Then when the technician came to look at it I could have a conversation and understand exactly what he was doing and I could help him on the symptoms and what happened. Now I know and I feel far more equipped as a homeowner now understanding at the core how the HVAC system truly works beyond setting a temperature and the house gets cold.

In this society of ever changing technologies and are growing dependencies on it you can’t stop learning. We can’t afford to. People will say “I am too old learn” or “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” are just excuses used by people who are too lazy to learn. As you get older your interest may wane but not your ability.

Learning is wealth to the poor, an honor to the rich, an aid to the young, and a support and comfort to the aged.” – John C. Lavatar

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