May 22, 2024

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Want A Calmer Mind? Stop Worrying

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Stress, strain, technology, information at our fingerstips. At some point you will begin to harbor doubts, fears and worries about your life and aspects within. Worry, so much wasted energy about improbables.

Worry has been described as the mental capacity for inaction. A fear reaction over a future event which may, and usually never does, materialize. But you can’t be told to not worry just as you can’t be told not to breathe. Although most of the time we worry about things that will never happen andthat takes mental power away from productivity and clarity.

When you are spending so much time worrying about something you are not spending time on being imaginative, creative, productive, or improvements instead it’s wasted on nothing. You are paying interest with worry on something that has yet to occur. Stop it.

Here’s a good exercise to prove the point. Get a piece of paper and write down all your worries from this time one year ago. Do you even remember what you were worrying about? Do you now look bath and laugh on something you were worrying about and chuckle at the silliness?

It’s impossible to not worry and somethings are worth worrying over, like health (to a point), but the more things you worry about the more trivial they can be. Instead of having those worries and concerns dragf you down, eliminate the improbable and take the others as a strength of improvement. Some annoyances in life are inevitable so what have you got to lose?… other than the worry?

Stop worry about things that must be. If it’s raining there’s nothing you can do about it other than grab an umbrella. I have personally learned to stop worrying, overanalyzing situations is another post. I have no time to worry about the trivial or improbable. People’s opinions included. I don’t worry about it until I can’t bear the annoyance and pain any longer then do something about it.

The best attitude to take toward a percieved problem is ask yourself, “So what?”. Imagine the worst case scenario and look at it with so what if it happens. Then you will either realize you can do something about it or not and forget about it. If you are wrong then you made a mistake, like the others you have made in your life, and learn from it for next time.

At the end of the day there are things worth worrying about and there are things that are not that in turn have a begative impact on your life, work, and happiness. It’s not cold hearted to not worry about something, concern and worry are different things, but focus on things that are in your own sphere of influcence and go with it.

Life is short. There are 6 billion people walking around, you are just one doing what’s best for you.

End of Line.
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