July 24, 2024

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Turn Off Twitter Tracking Your Browser Activity

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Twitter is tracking you and they want to track more of your activity under the saftey umbrealla of personalized advertising. Much like other social networking sites such as Facebook the idea is that the more they know about you the more targeted ads they can show you. Which in turn, in theory, makes you more likely to click on such an ad which will generate more revenue for the site.

Twitter has been experimenting with targeting ads for a while based on what you follow, retweet, and other Twitter activity. However they are going to track what you do and look at OUTSIDE and AWAY from Twitter. This is a little beyond the scope of simple site ads but your wholistic Internet activity for Twitter’s financial advancement.
Here’s how to turn it off –

Log into Twitter.com

Go to Settings and find the two options Personalization and Promoted Content. Uncheck them both.


For now that’s all you have to do to stop Twitter from ‘Personalizing’ Twitter for you based on external activity.

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