May 29, 2024

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Nesting Projects For Baby Number Two

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This Labor Day weekend was a long 3 days of labor. In the spirit of letting my few readers more about the Blogger behind the Binary I will layout what my Labor Day weekend consisted of. In a nutshell it was wall to wall house work or nesting activities as some would call it.

Yes, in the Christmas timeframe the Binary household is expected another addition to the family. A little girl will arrive with all the blessings that brought her into existence.

So with that we had to make a change, that change being converting my son’s old room from boy to girl themed. That meant re-painitng. However, I do give credit to Mrs. Binary for picking and insisting we use the Disney brand paint. To my eyes a cocoa, mocha brown can be found anywhere but I do what I am told sometimes. The Disney paint is only sold at WalMart, but as I found out, it’s not sold at every WalMart. In fact it was only sold at one of the 4 WalMart stores near our home.

Aside from that there’s a great article for choosing interior paints from

Whatever, I got it and started painting. Now, I have painted plenty of rooms of various sizes using a wide range of colors and styles and I do have to admit the Disney paint is as advertised. It’s nice and thick, applies very well and the best part is it has almost zero odor. My 5 year old came into the room and said it smelled like strawberries. Point being the whole house didn’t smell like paint for days afterwards. It says no odor, it delivers. Two coats and touchups later I was done in about 6 hours total over the first two days, that includes taping and taking the tape off and cleanup. Not bad.

Then it was hanging brand new curtains, rehanging the shelves, re-anchoring the bookshelf to the wall and put all the faceplates back on the outlets. I had delayed putting the crib together until a later time.

After the room was done it was a complete house scrub top to bottom, I even pulled everything out of the fridge and gave that a good wipe down. Mowing the lawn was in there, weeding, and moving some of the big boy toys to the basement area to prepare for the separation of dangerous little items and the incoming of large, noisy baby toys again.

Our first child, according to the doctors was ‘not probable’ and when we said screw it and stopped all the treatments we were gifted with our son. 4 years later we were told and accepted any more children was a near impossibility, now a little girl was gifted to us. Which means re-acquiring all the baby stuff we had spent the last 2 years moving out and getting rid of. Basically we are starting from scratch. Cribs to strollers.

Needles to say the Labor Day relaxation didn’t happen, house tasks from Friday through Monday night. But I got the nursery ready to go, minus putting the new crib together which always sets the stage for new and unique word combinations.

It’s September, but Christmas will be here before we know it. Sleep now while I can.

End of Line.
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