June 13, 2024

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Collection of iOS 7 Tips and Tricks

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If you have been watching any news lately you probably heard about Apple’s latest iOS upgrade to version 7 for the iPad and iPhone. If you are like me you probably have already upgraded one or all your devices, if you could without error, already.

iOS 7 is new, different and a welcome refresh. However, there are some significant changes and new additions that you need to be aware of. I even had to go out and figure out and re-learn some old things that are done in new ways. This post is not going to give you a run down of everything that’s new, only the big ones that I found most useful and interesting.

Let’s go.


I use search from time to time and have been finding myself using it more to search emails. iOS 7 moved it. Where before it was a hard screen to the far left in iOS 7 you simply swipe down in the middle of the screen. You need to make sure you are in the middle because if you scroll down from the top of the screen you don’t get search but you get the notifications center where you see weather and all your notifications.

Toggles / Control Center

Whether you call them toggle switches or a control center, iOS 7 has added them. Swipe up from the bottom to quickly access the timer, camera, bluetooth, airplane mode, sleep more, Wifi and music control. Now more hunting for the Settings app to dig around. Quick, easy, slick, and a swipe away.

SMS Timestamps

This is a nice new feature that I always found odd and annoying about the Text messages, the timestamps were there but not on every message. They were clumped. Now in iOS 7 you can pull to the left and see the timestamp of all the messages received and sent. This applies to all your old ones as well.

Closing Apps

If you don’t do it, you should learn how to close your apps and do it regularly. The phone has finite memory and I find more people that complain their iPhone is slow, crashed, battery life stinks and most of the time when I look at their phones they have every single app they have opened and running.

In the old iOS you held down the icon to make it shake and hit the x. In iOS 7 it’s far easier, double tap to get the app list and swipe up on the app you want to close.

Clean and close often and you will find your mysterious crashes and battery life will improve greatly.

App Level Cell Usage

This new iOS feature is one of the biggest I think they could have added. You can not control what apps use cellular data and which ones don’t. If you are on a shared data plan with limits, this is a big deal. Now if you have a data sucking app you can force it WiFi only and not take your data while you are driving or away for long periods of time on a cell tower.

There are many more features to play around with but I am not going to lay them out here. I wanted to show the most useful, in my opinion, advancement in iOS 7 that will impact me everyday. Overall the visual improvements almost make my iPhone 4s feel like a brand new device. So far to the reports that the iPhone 4S run slower on iOS 7, I am not seeing it at all.

End of Line.
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