June 17, 2024

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Binary Review – Saints Row 4 for Xbox360

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Here’s my review of Saints Row 4 for the Xbox360. My reviews are not going to cover the technical specs or subtle details of the plot, I focus on the entertainment value. Which in my mind is the only value I rate games on, how fun are they to play.

I have played Saints Row 2 and 3 and was a fan of the series. When I heard they were making a 4th I was excited to see where they could go next. Taking a step back to explain the series, the Saints Row series is a Grand Theft Auto like style but doesn’t take itself seriously at all. Since the 2nd one the games have been all about how crazy, vulgar, and insane they can get. Saints Row 4 tops them all in the crazy level, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Saints Row 4 starts off as the Saints gang in the White House and you are the President of the United States. From there the realism gets thrown out the window. The world is attacked by aliens, the Earth is destroyed, and you are caught in a Matrix like world simulation fighting the aliens as humanities last survivors.

The game was a blast to play, if you like the others you will enjoy this one. However there were some major flaws that soured me quickly on this installment.

The Bad

  • The game itself was glitchy and froze on me a couple times.
  • The game focused on your simulation superpowers where you could run lightning fast, glide/fly, and call in planes from the start which completely took away driving as part of the game. You could do it, but running jumping over the buildings was far faster.
  • The story was slapped together and didn’t make sense in most parts. 
  • Even on the hardest level it was too easy. I got the ‘America gun and never really used anything else. Blew everything up and plowed through all the challenges too easily.
  • Didn’t have the characters like the other games.
  • My biggest gripe, they wanted to charge you 800 points to be able to play co-op. Had I known that ahead of time I would not have purchased it as co-op was a huge factor on why I played Saints Row 3 with my connections.
The Good
  • Aside from the faults it was fun, fun, fun. Easy to pass the time, throw it in play a few side missions for 20 min then drop out.
  • Vulgar, rude, profane, explicit sex scenarios and all tongue and cheek.
  • Great voice actors. Keith David, nuff’ said. 
  • Different than other games out there.
Would I recommend this game? Only used, discounted and if you played the others. I got it on release day but I felt it was not near the quality of Saints Row 3.
Binary Review – 2 out of 4.

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