May 28, 2024

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Having A Plan Will Guide You To Success

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You ever hear the term ‘Talk is cheap’? People say it because it’s true. Talk is cheap, worthless and with no value unless there is a way to execute. I can’t begin to calculate the thousands of hours I have utterly wasted in meetings, phone calls, projects where all that was done was talk and argue.

I was just in my 4th round with a new project I got involved in and all the team has done is talk. You know what, they have been at this for almost a full year and still have not made any progress toward fixing the problems because all they do is talk about it.

Unless you are prepared to build a plan then don’t bother talking about it for more than 5 minutes. Because talk is cheap, but if all you do is talk then it will get expensive for you later on. This applies to anything in your life. Work, home, personal, family, etc… For example your financial life is not called Retirement Talking or your 401(k) chat. Those have the word Plan in there.

There’s a commercial I see for a planning firm that has the green arrow on the ground and the people walk the planned path, staying the course and ignoring the temptations to leave that planned direction. Plans, no matter how small or silly they may be, work wonders.

Last year I was a fat slob, out of shape, sucking down unhealthy foods and I got motivated and did something about it. I made a plan and stuck to it and without any crazy crash diets or pills I lost 45 pounds and have gotten into the best shape in my life since my swimming days in high school and early college. I tried many times before and failed but this time around I made a plan. Plan around eating, exercise, removal of crap, and stuck to it. It worked.

I have a plan for my career path and am working diligently to get that back on track. I have a plan for my family and my financial future. An so on and so forth. If you truly want to be successful in anything you do you must plan it out, get goal oriented, focus on the task at hand. Wishful thinking, dreams, lofty ideas are excellent to do and are healthy but not if that’s all you do. You are setting yourself up for disappointment very quickly. Hard work reaps many rewards and planning is how you get there.

Like the quote from David Brooks – “Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy, or stupid. Those things are what happen when you don’t have a plan.”

End of Line.
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