May 22, 2024

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An Easy Way To Get PDFs On Your iPad Using Dropbox

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Do you use your iPad to read PDF documents? Would you like to? This will detail out a very easy way on how to get PDFs on to your iPad without the need to use iTunes. It’s quite simple and may be over looked.

You will need a Dropbox account and the iOS app for Dropbox installed on your iOS device. This post is focused on the iPad but will work on the iPhone as well. After you get your Dropbox account setup, save whatever PDFs you want to read to your Dropbox account.

On your iPad open the Dropbox app and navigate to the folder where you saved the PDF. Click on the PDF and the Dropbox app will load the PDF for reading but that’s only in this app and the document is still in Dropbox. If this is satisfactory for your needs then you can stop here. But if you want that document centralized with your other documents and ebooks then let’s continue and get it on to your iPad.

In the Dropbox app when the document finishes loading in the upper right hand corner you will see an icon of an arrow, pointing into a box. It’s to the right of the star. Click on that icon and a menu will appear with two options – Print, Open In…

Click Open In…

You will see a new menu with several options to save this PDF to. Now you can bring the PDF down from Dropbox and have it put into your Bookshelf.

Click Open In iBooks.

That’s it.

Now your PDF documents are right there in the iPad iBooks app with the rest of your ebooks and documents. This comes in very handy for mobility of whitepapers, educational documents, converted ebooks, work documents, training materials. If you have a copy of the PDF file then you can get it on your iPad for easy consumption, anywhere.

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