June 12, 2024

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How To Fix The iOS 7 iMessage Issues

2 min read

If you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 7 you may have noticed odd behavior or outright failures with iMessage. There is a known issue with iMessage and iOS 7 that Apple claims impacts less than 1% of users, I call BS on that since everyone I know has ran into this.

What I experienced with iMessage were two big things. The first one was that any message I tried to send with iMessage just sat in Sending… forever. The second was that the message actually failed and the phone displayed a send error. One the receiving end I never got any from those using iMessage.

On odd aspect is that I didn’t experience this when I was on Wi-Fi networks. If I was on cellular, 4G or LTE is failed. This doesn’t seem to be isolated to a particular model either, I have a 4s and my wife has a 5. Both had issues.

Here’s how to fix it, probably. This may or may not work for you. What I can attest to is that I performed the following actions and it appears to have corrected my problems.

What you will do is reset your Network Settings on your phone, this does nothing to your contacts, apps, custom settings. This only resets your network settings but it appears to fix the problem with iMessage.

First you need to turn off iMessage.

> Got into Settings
> Click Messages
> Turn Off iMessage

The go back in to Settings
> Click General
> Scroll down to the bottom and click Reset
> Scroll down and select Reset Network Settings

You will be prompted to enter your PIN.
The phone will go through a reset process.
After that’s completed go back into Settings > Messages, turn iMessages back on.

That’s it.

I did this and it appears to work just fine now. I can send and received iMessages to contacts I could not before.

I hope this isn’t a beginning trend of Apple quality slipping. I don’t recall errors of this magnitude slipping through the quality control of Apple products before. This one is pretty big and all the beta testing they do, I am surprised this slipped through.

End of Line.
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