May 27, 2024

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Winter Is Coming, So Are Changes In The Routine

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Winter is coming, the leaves are changing colors and dropping from their trees, the air grows cooler before the snow flies, and people begin their hibernation rituals. I used to be one of them, tuck my self away until the thaw, but this year will be different. Over the past year I have built a hard routine around health and fitness. Now I have it integrated into my routine that I have a real problem when I miss a workout. Now that summer weather is coming to a close I need to reconfigure my outdoor workouts to be back in the gym.

Last year I was big into biking but hit a rut when it came to cardio and endurance in workouts. I love biking but I got to a point where 20-30 miles wasn’t enough to feel pushed and trying to find a 40-50 mile loop in a metropolitan area is difficult and dangerous. I trust no driver. So, this year I started to run to mix things up and I started taking to it. A year ago I couldn’t run 1 mile without feeling like I was going to die, but two weeks ago I ran 8 miles for the heck of it. My commitment to myself is that if I run, no matter when or where, I run no less than 3 miles (roughly a 5k). I average about 5 miles. With winter weather coming, snow and ice, I am not going to be that level of runner so I will be back on the treadmills and stationary bikes. Another aspect of my workouts that I have not kept up with is strength training along with the cardio, that will be heavily increased as well.

There is one more BIG variable that I will need to take in account to work into keep up this healthy lifestyle. A new baby set to arrive in December. It won’t be so much the ability to find time to workout, but the energy. Then there’s this blog that has had a great increase in readership that I would like to keep going, work, family, sleep, eat, sleep. The nice trick with blogging is you find an hour or two and write all the posts for the week in one shot and schedule their publish times. So it may seem like a daily effort, it’s not.

Winter the harshest of seasonal changes and Binary Blogger has a few more changes coming along with it this year. So don’t be surprised in a few months if you notice more baby focused technology posts because there probably will be and I always write about what I know. For those keeping score at home, this will be #2 for us. Maybe I should write a review on the new baby monitor camera system we just got? One thing I can tell you, even though we are expecting our second child and have been through babies before, it’s mind boggling even for a geek how much technology changed for babies in 5 years.

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