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Netflix Is Floating An Idea I Wrote About 3 Years Ago

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Netflix is back in the news today. They are beginning to talk about looking at offering “big” movies into your home the same day as they hit theaters.

They must read my blog because I wrote about this from a customer’s point of view almost 3 years ago to the day. I am huge supporter of Netflix and have been a customer from almost day one. I am a online only subscriber now, not because of cost but because of time to watch movies. Young kids, work, sleep we were sending back more unwatched movies than watched. But the online has been my jewel for old Hitchcock, Twilight Zone, documentaries, and other things I can have running on my iPad while I work or quickly get in before I goto bed.

However, being that getting out to watch the latest movies is a challenge I have been saying for 3 years that the next big breakthrough is new releases in your home the day they come out. In order to do that you need to get through Hollywood and the movie theaters that will suffer big time from it. Hollywood will come out ahead, the theaters will suffer hard. But adapt or die. 3D and IMAX is an adaptation of that shift already. Theaters won’t die, just change.

Like House of Cards being the breakout success of made for online dramas I wouldn’t be surprised if a big movie director makes a Netflix exclusive movie. I look toward Steven Spielberg direction because he has come out recently slamming Hollywood’s process to get movies made. He goes on to say Lincoln almost didn’t get made as a Hollywood feature but as an HBO project. Warns of a Hollywood implosion. 

Netflix has an opportunity to not only take out Hollywood at the knees but change content delivery forever.

After that the next logical step is live shows, news streaming, exclusive coverage. Then you scare the crap out of NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and the cable news networks. I look at SkyNews on AppleTV as a starting point, I watch that everyday, mainly because I am sick and tired of American news outlets but also it’s different and unique. So maybe in 3 years from now they will start talking about it.

A snip from a A post I wrote about Netflix Oct. 22, 2010 – Take note, this was long before any of the exclusive content and shows were even talked about.

“Right now Netflix has several membership options that range from $5 a month up to over $20 a month. I have the top subscription which allows me full streaming and 3 dvds out at once. Thats a lot, I dont watch the DVDs as much as I do the streaming and will probably drop it down to 1 dvd out at once. I think if Netflix looks at their approach and if they message it right, attack cable service rates, the costs of BluRay, etc… you could bump rates up to $30 – $40 a month and keep the members but only if the content is there. I know I would pay it if I could get all new releases from the major studios within a month of DVD release date, TV shows that were aired recently (this season), and as much HD as possible. That will be well worth the costs to me because it will still be cheaper than all the other sources I have today.
Go one step further, which will never happen, but I would pay $30 – $40 for a one time stream for movies the day they come out in theaters. That’s right! I would be more than willing to throw out $40 to watch the new Harry Potter movie when it comes out in theaters. I have a great 65 inch HD TV, great audio… and small kids and dont get to the movies as much as I want to. Also, $40 for the movie is a heck of a lot cheaper than going to the theater after the dinner before, tickets, drinks, and the pain to deal with other theater goers who have no respect as they watch. I love going out, I love movies, we just don’t have the time or flexibility to do it as much as we would like… but I can get 2 hours at 10pm to get a movie in. This will work!!! Movie theater owners will hate it, but the $12 ticket price isn’t dragging me to their establishments more often either. Why do you think it’s all 3D and IMAX now… a gimmick you can’t get elsewhere… BFD.”

Now we can just sit back and watch the strategies play out.

Skip ahead to the 19 minute mark for the announcement.

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