May 28, 2024

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IAM to IRM: The Shift to Identity Relationship Management

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This past spring at CA World 2013 I had the pleasure of being invited to sit on a panel to talk about the future of Identity and Access Management. That panel was ran by an extremely intelligent woman, Joni Brennan, who is the Executive Director at the Kantara Initiative.

Last week she gave a webcast about the ever evolving world of Identity and Access Management and the growth into to Identity Relationship Management.  I felt this was worth a share and if you are in the IAM space as a designer, strategy or decision maker this is worth your time to consume this.

NOTE – If you do not have a BrightTALK account will you need to create one to see the webcast. If you do have an account, just login and the presentation will begin.


Link to the BrightTALK site – IAM to IRM: The Shift to Identity Relationship Management

In today’s rapidly evolving business world, successful CIOs no longer reduce IT costs, they handpick the consumer-facing apps that will increase sales.

As increasing numbers of people, devices, and “things” are assigned identities across networks, simple, flexible, and scalable identity and access management services become imperative for any business to safely and efficiently engage with their customers.

Today’s solutions must link devices–laptops, phones, touchpads, cars–and new mobile and social apps into a single security platform that works all the time, everywhere, on premises or off in the cloud.

IAM is no longer merely identity and access management–it’s IRM: identity relationship management. Successful CIOs will shift their business values to embrace this new reality.

You can also find more IAM news and events in the Twin Cities are by visiting the Twin Cities Identity and Access Management User group blog.

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