May 22, 2024

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Binary Blogger Waits For A Package

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In the near future, maybe, most likely this week but it could be farther out, myself and Mrs. Binary are expecting out second child into our family. A little girl will join her 5 year old big brother, mom and dad and an 11 yr old black lab.  Thus far everything has been going fine and the time of the year approaching and adding a new baby back into the house just makes the upcoming festivities that much more enjoyable and sleep deprived… in a good way. 🙂

I have lots of topics I have lined up to offer my unique opinionated point of view on this blog but due to ‘nesting’ activities Binary Blogger has taken a backseat for a short time. I have automated postings set up that I will post as a headline approach to this blog for a little while to keep the feeds fresh and up to date as well as you can get more intimate interaction on my Facebook page , Like it, tell your friends, leave comments, interact. The more interaction I get the better. I love hearing from readers, outside of self-promoting link spammers.

Until then I wait on nature.

See you soon.

End of Line.
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