May 27, 2024

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Binary Blogger Has Moved!

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I have completed the move of to my new self-hosted WordPress platform. It went smoother than anticipated, lots of testing and triple checking of things but I think I am good to go now. I have imported all the important posts from the old BinaryBlogger location, cleaned out some of the old dated junk, and spent lots of time re-organizing the posts into a far more detailed and robust system of categorizing the posts. The social sharing is one of the tricks I am still working out, but I can deal with it. The hang up is not every post I write I want to be posted to certain social sites as a headline. For example, I use LinkedIn as professionally as I can. So posting a headline about changing diapers or other children or personal based entries is not something I want to put out there on LinkedIn every single time I write one. So I have to play around more with Jetpack’s selecting publicizing of posts. The iPhone and iPad apps for posting are far more limited in using Jetpack’s features so those will not give me an option to choose where to share a new entry. It’s the little things like that with the WordPress platform that I need to work out on how to use it to meet my needs.

I’ll change the old site to put up a splash page about the shift to the new site, DNS may take a day to propagate around, caches to be flushed, etc. But I migrated in such a way that all the subscriptions to FeedBurner should not be impacted. SHOULD NOT is a loose term. I need to test that out yet along with a few other formatting glitches I am beginning to see, things getting cut off, misaligned, and so on.

Good times though, I am off from work the rest of the year to get this blog whipped into shape to take on 2014. I have my second child set to arrive at any moment to stay tuned for that announcement. Look forward of more good things and entertaining things to come from Binary Blogger.

Thanks for reading, tell your friends and enemies, subscribe and if you want to throw a comment or two into the mix go right ahead. I overhauled the comment system for a more interactive expansion.

End of Line.


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