May 27, 2024

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New Binary Blogger Posts About Food And Recipes

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giphyAs part of the many interests Binary Blogger has, food and cooking is one of them. I love to cook and create new dishes. I am not talking about simple recipes from the back of cans or boxes but more elaborate, complex, healthier options and in my opinion always better tasting. Plus I made it. So in the new expansion for 2014 of Binary Blogger I am going to start posting recipes that pass the Binary household’s taste test. I have an expansive collection of recipes in notebooks, folders, books, and digitally stored in Evernote. I thought why keep these to myself but share them out. Really at the end of the day, cooking isn’t that hard and the recipes I do take an hour or less to prepare and serve. The younglings running around don’t allow for much more than that.

As I expand the posts and get more put out here the Food category will grow with it.

Always with anything if you have a recipe to share or comments on one that I posted that you made I welcome them at the bottom of all my posts.

Bon Appétit!

End of Line.



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