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2013 Tech Predictions Reviewed

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2013 is coming to a close and each year I do my own predictions in the technical space in each major area that I think there will be an advancement. It’s now the end of 2013 and it’s time to review and see how I did.

The original post is here with the prediction details – https://binaryblogger.com/2012/12/31/2013-tech-predictions-2/

Binary Blogger’s Technology Predictions for 2013 – REVIEWED

  1. Apple Will Make A Watch – WRONG – Although it has been long rumored that Apple is looking and moving into wearable technologies, 2014 might be the they year they begin to roll things out but with the failure of the Samsung ‘smart watch’ I am no longer sure if Apple would see this as a viable expansion to the iPhones and iPads. The only way I would even consider getting a wearable device is if it had biometric measuring capabilities in it like the Jawbone UP or Nike Fuel Band.
  2. Apple will release a touchscreen iMac – WRONG – This personal pipe dream is wrong and will never come to pass. Apple has come out and responded to iMac touch screens with a big no. Touch is not meant for vertical desktop monitors. Tables and devices only.
  3. Twitter Continues to Tighten Up Their APIs – PARTIAL – I am going to give myself a partial correct on this one. Twitter has cracked down on their API use mainly to tighten up users that game the system but Twitter has also expanded to business accounts, ad-based delivery and other revenue generating evolutions to the micro-blogging site. 
  4. Facebook Gets A Serious Threat – PARTIAL – I am going to give myself a partial on this one. Facebook is a juggernaut and their business model is slowly alienating the users. Most people use Facebook because everyone else uses Facebook. However, over the past year I have seen myself using Facebook only for close friends and that’s it. I am actually using, and enjoying, Google+ more and more. Google+ is becoming the place where you can go to get real connections and information, less BS and junk and people who use Google+ actually want to use it in the same way as I do. So slowly but surely Facebook will drive people away, like me, and Google+ has an opportunity to shift the game but they are not a serious threat… yet.
  5. Microsoft Xbox (Next?) Is Announced And Takes On In Home Cable –  Correct – Not only was it announced but it was also released. It was also correct that Microsoft pushed their media hub during their presentations over the games.
  6. A Power Company will be hit with a software bug – UNDETERMINED – I couldn’t find or hear of any outages related to software.
  7. Windows 8 will revert back to the Start Menu – CORRECT  – Windows 8.1 brought back the button.
  8. Barnes and Noble will take the Nook and partner with Microsoft – WRONG – I thought for sure that after Microsoft invested $300m into the Nook this would be correct, but as of today the Nook platform as not moved to Windows.
  9. A drone will crash in the Unites States – WRONG – Not yet.
  10. Government Goes Off The Common Sense Cliff Around Video Games –  PARTIAL – This is somewhat accurate after some of the violent acts that happened this year. The media and some politicians want so badly to link games to violence but they can’t do it. As long as the mature videos games are being played by minors there will always be an attack on them.
A year ago I was not too far off on my insights to 2013.  A few close misses and some wild thoughts that never had a shot. Now I have to complete my 2014 predictions before the year ends but with a new baby in the house, blog time has been low priority.  As a preview on what my 2014 predictions will focus on, encryption, encryption, encryption.
End of Line.
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