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Binary Blogger Plans For 2014

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Mac 1_smA new year seems like a good starting point for change. An anchor in the sand to make a shift in one’s life for the better, re-focus on things that matter, improve on oneself, rid yourself of bad habits from the routine and press forward. Most start with good intentions but fall back to vices that consume us in this drive-thru, fast paced, text messaging lifestyle we have created for ourselves. Last year I was able to take control and do something that I thought I could never do, lose 45 pounds with nothing more than self-driven, laser focus on my diet and exercise. No gimmicks, no crash diets, only a new approach to a lifestyle. 2014 I plan to take it one step farther. I know what I am capable of and I know I can get better. But health and fitness are not the only areas that I plan to improve on in the new year. I have other personal, self-improving ventures I am going to work on. I say ‘going to’ because ‘planning to’ leaves room for excuses for not executing on the plan. Excuses make the dark corners of my body itch with irritation.

In 2013 I also accomplished something that I have been dabbling with for a few years but never put the effort into it for one excuse or another. I wrote a novel through the National Novel writing Month challenge where I wrote under a different persona. Well, I wrote enough content in a structured story to technically be the length of a novel but it has ways to go before I ever let anyone else look at it. Regardless of who sees it, I wrote it. If you don’t think that’s a big deal you go try to write 50,000 words of a story and say it doesn’t drain you to the bone. I thought it would be far easier than it was and almost gave up, but I stuck with it realized I loved doing it. In 2014 I plan to finish it and continue expanding and write many novellas and short stories I have drafted up over the years. I do have another blog that I have around my writing, I plan to merge it with BinaryBlogger.com at some point to share my writing journey.

Another area that I have a great interest in is photography. Some of my work I have over on 500px.com. This is an artistic hobby that I have great passion in but have been finding it incredible difficult to get out and do it. Again the excuses are my own. In 2014 I hope to use the seasonal changes to get a personal project called 5 Miles Out completed. In Minnesota if you want the scenery to change just wait five minutes. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall have so much visual shift and the same location changes so much month to month and the idea behind 5 Miles Out is unique enough to spread out my work over the year. Along with the professional photography, iPhoneography is photography I have at my fingertips. 2014 I will do a photo a day again and post to my Instagram account http://instagram.com/Binary_blogger. I will try to make every shot the best I can depending on the situation I am in, but I cannot rule out an occasional shot of my office, kitchen or bathroom.

Of course everything I speak of here is secondary to my true focus in 2014 which is my family. The little bundle shown in the photo arrived in our family in mid December 2013 and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Her, her brother and their mother. Every single thing I do, every hour I work, every side project I sign up for and every venture I look at it for them. I never thought this way before but when you hold your children for the first time, minutes after they enter the world your perspective changes instantly. I can’t explain it and I don’t think anyone that has children can accurately detail what happens to your mentality. But when you are holding the future, knowing that you are now responsible for care for this little person the rest of life’s “problems” seem so insignificant.



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