May 25, 2024

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database_securityIn the redesign of this blog, I have also kick started my Facebook page. During the past few weeks I realized that I was posting too many news stories and they were outnumbering my own writing. This is the blog of the Binary Blogger not a news aggregator of stories you can get off any Twitter feed.

However there are many stories and topics that come up on a weekly basis that I feel need to be known and spread out. For example all the stories about the latest Target and Snapchat breaches. As a customer or user you need to know things to watch out for, tips to protect yourself and how to limit damages in the future. Instead of posting those headlines cluttering up my blog I will post them to my Facebook Page which is designed for headline based postings. Blogs are meant for writings of the author, original thoughts and personality.

There is a place for collation of important news stories, especially in the IT Security space with the recent breaches and NSA revelations, I feel that if I can keep those up front and help one or two people than it’s worth it.

Head over to my Facebook page and Like it to get the latest and best news stories relevant to IT security and protecting your identity in this social cyber world. In the spirt of keeping things light I will throw in humor and wild card posts of crazy things I come across as well to mix things up. Remember, the more you comment and leave feedback the more I can tailor my writings to what people want to see and read about.

End of Line.

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