April 22, 2024

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Weekly Round Up Of Interesting News Headlines

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Each week I will post a collection of news headlines and stories I felt stood out from the others that I didn’t already write a post about. These stories will have appeared over on my Facebook Page throughout the week but some stories require additional context, clarification or extra highlights for their importance.

  • Facebook is being sued for allegedly scanning private messages – At this point if anyone still thinks what they do on Facebook is “private” they need to wake up and smell the advertising dollars. After it was revealed that Facebook is scanning what you are typing but not submitting it should be no surprise that everything you do is being read and analyzed by Facebook. Private messaging is only relative between you and the rest of the Facebook users, however Facebook sees all. If you want private messaging try NSA-Free email or pick up the phone.
  • Most Vitamins and Supplements are worthless and may be damaging – Recently more and more studies are coming out about the worthlessness of most vitamins and supplements. The scary part is that some are hinting that they are not preventing but may be causing certain cancers. If you want vitamins, get them naturally by eating fruits and vegetables.
  • How Not To Be The Coworkers Everyone Hates – A good read I would like to leave on several desks…
  • Why Anti-Vaxxers Might Be Creating A World Of More Dangerous Viruses – I am pro-vaccine and anti-fear mongering. Get vaccinated.
  • A list of all the amazing things Pope Francis did in 2013 – I feel bad telling an old Pope In the Woods Joke now…
  • Study: Companies are not as secure as they think – I think this article is padding the issue, it’s far worse than that.
  • Snapchat hacked – The interesting part to this story that the media is not reporting very well is that Snapchat was warned of these exploits over the summer. Snapchat either ignored or took a position of arrogance with the notifying hackers about these exploits. Instead of plugging the holes the hackers used the exploits to get 4.6 million accounts then put them on the Internet. If you read deeper the hackers released account names and phone numbers but they masked part of the phone numbers because they were making a point. This is an interesting approach to expose the lack of security these hot apps and services truly have. My guess is you will see more of these breaches throughout the year.

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