May 29, 2024

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Review Of The Adonit Jot Script Evernote Stylus

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This is Binary Blogger review of the Jot Script Evernote stylus by Adonit. I have owned many versions of the iPad with the intention to integrate into my business world. However being in IT I need to take scribble notes, draw diagrams on the fly, throw down random thoughts in meetings and thus far a pen and paper remain the most efficient recording media to do that. But I have slowly grown sour on traditional notebooks for note taking as they are very difficult to search, I need to maintain them, and I lose track on what information is in what notebook. My goal has always been to find a digital replacement that I can centralize and index.

I became a premium member of Evernote 3 years ago and haven’t looked back but up until now I have not taken full advantage of Evernote to my initial intention. The reason being is that in order to use the touch screen efficiently on an iPad you need to have a writing device called a stylus. All of the styluses on the market, until recently, are powerless, they have no battery. They rely on your bioelectrical characteristics through your fingers to make the touch screen work. Use a stylus with gloves and see what I mean. The way touch screens work is on an electric based reaction and not necessarily the act of touching the screen alone will work. This limits the size of the stylus’ heads and that has been the obstacle for me to this point. The darn pens are too big to write small enough for my liking and it makes note taking more work than it should be on a tablet.


That’s when I saw Evernote announcing a partnership with a company called Adonit and a new precision stylus called the Jot Script Evernote. I did my research, read reviews and watched a bunch of user videos using the stylus and I decide that this was finally the answer to my quest, so I bought one. At $75 the decision doesn’t come that easily. It was delivered this afternoon and I have spent the evening working with it and I can say I love it. Tomorrow when I return to the office I will be using it as my note taking source going forward. No more loose notebooks and paper pads I can have everything at my fingertips, indexed, tagged, searchable and secure. (The biggest ignored security threat to a business is the employee’s notebooks)

Through the app Penultimate which is an Evernote own app the pen syncs using Bluetooth to maximize its power. There are other apps that with the the Jot line, even though the Jot Script isn’t ‘certified’ when I used some of the apps saying I had a Jot Touch the sync worked just fine. I included a video below that goes through the features of the stylus in more detail.

Here are the key features that made it a must have for me:

  • The fine writing style. It’s fluid, responsive, and works like a real pen.
  • App level bluetooth sync. Through Penultimate the app can tell what’s the stylus and what’s your finger so your wrist and finger swipes aren’t drawing lines over your notes.
  • Instant sync with Evernote. I don’t have to worry about locking up or losing my notebooks with my proprietary notes in them for other co-workers to see that maybe shouldn’t.

Once I start using over a few weeks of day to day business use my opinions may sway one way or another but from what I have seen so far I don’t think it will develop a negative reputation anytime soon. If you are in the boat where you are looking for a stylus that works to your writing style I would recommend taking a look at the Adonit Jot Script Evernote stylus. If you don’t have a centralized cloud based solution then I only recommend Evernote.

End of Line.

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