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Weekly Round Up Of Interesting News – 1/10/14

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?????????????????????Another week brings us another collection of interesting news from across the interwebs. Each week I round-up what I think are the most interesting news headlines in the IT space and share them for all of you.

This week brought Target back into the spotlight with their unfortunate security breach, a comforting story about the security of mobile banking applications, another insight to data collection from your personal property and a few others.

  • Target guest info also stolen in the Black Friday breach – In addition to the 40 million financial accounts it was revealed that 70 million, maybe on top of the 40 million, people had their names, addresses, emails and phone numbers stolen as well. Most people may flee and run from Target now because of this but I say do the opposite. Target has so many eyes and hands on their security systems they have stronger security now than ever. A competitor you may run off to can’t say that.
  • Ford, the car maker, apologizes for saying they track customer’s GPS data – The CEO said they did, said they knew how fast you were driving all from the GPS units installed. The company then has done everything do say ‘Just Kidding.’ I am not buying it. They are not selling it but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Ford collects it and uses it to make better cars.
  • Analysis of mobile banking applications show weaknesses – This is why I bank on my desktop and not with a mobile device. Never have and probably never will. I don’t need real-time financial access as long as I keep up with my financial planning.
  • Ice balls on Lake Michigan – This is not an uncommon event but when it happens it’s pretty cool.
  • House passes a bill requiring notification of breaches involving Healthcare.gov and state exchanges – It’s sad, scary, irresponsible, and beyond common sense that there had to be a separate bill written, argued and passed to notify individuals when their identity information is involved in a security breach. Think about that, this is the government.

Those are the big ones that stuck out in my head this week. Other news I find interested can always be found and followed over on my Facebook Page – Binary Blogger.

Have a good weekend and don’t forget to subscribe.


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