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Get 50GB Forever By Downloading The Box iPhone App By Mid-Feb

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boxThe file storage cloud service Box is offering a fantastic deal right now. If you download the Box iPhone iOS version in the next 30 days, by mid-February 2014, you will get 50GB of space up from the standard 10GB. That’s a ton of space for a cloud storage solution that’s FREE. Even if you use another cloud storage solution as your primary like Dropbox or Skydrive, this is still a deal you cannot pass up for the simple fact of redundancy. It’s another service you can use as a backup to your backup. As an IT guru, you can never have too many backups.

I do see some complaints that there is a 250MB limit on the size of a single file you can upload. So what, you would only be uploading files bigger than that if you are storing software install binaries or movies/TV shows. For photos, home movies, documents you will never hit this single file size limit.

If you are concerned about being able to keep all those storage solutions, your devices and PCs straight I would recommend looking into, I blogged about this service before, to help you by automatically copying files and photos between the different services. I rely on this service heavily and find it very, very useful as it takes a bunch of the work out of it and I never forget to backup. I take a photo and a copy gets put on my Dropbox and now my Box storage. If I lose my phone’s data, no worries.

Free 50GB of online storage, how can you pass on it?

Grab the app from iTunes here.

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