May 28, 2024

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Winter Humor

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imagesThis blog is not all news and security tips, I want to have a little fun with it from time to time. Though all the static now and then I get sent some good old-fashioned humor. Simple, easy and they make me chuckle giving me a break in the monotonous day of heads down work. Now I will share them with you for your enjoyment and to pass along to your network to bring some light to an otherwise grey day. Like all humor its subjective, up to the view to decide if it’s funny or not, but that’s the beauty of art if you find it funny then who can say otherwise.

For those who know me outside this blog you know that my definition of humor is far beyond knock, knock jokes.

I got this collection of winter humor below via an email and it coincides quite well with the cold, frigid winter the nation is having thus far. I don’t intend to have NSFW language a regular on this blog but there’s one that has some NSFW language that I couldn’t take out. Enjoy.








image005 (1)




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