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Binary Blogger Workout Journal – Feb 2014

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exercise-funnyAnother week and another new workout set. Regardless of these workout journal posts about these exercises I am in the gym, on the home treadmill or out running 4 to 6 days a week. It’s not something that I force myself to do rather I have integrated it into my routine. I don’t think about it and I feel incomplete if I miss a day. Like everything in life no goal will come to you unless you work at it. The trick is to not make it seem like work.

This workout set is cardio focused with some strength training to balance things out. I am a full believer that variety in your exercise routines is important to avoid stagnation and cheating yourself out of progress.

When you workout, I see this in the gym all the time, you can work your visible muscles and forget about your most important muscle in your body, the heart. Cardio is where your endurance starts, the rest supports it. If you cannot get the fresh oxygenated blood pumped through your body to keep the rest of the muscles energized forget about doing any kind of high activity for any long duration. These exercises are not rocket science, they are easy and simple to do. In the grid below it will take you about an hour and you will feel it in the morning.

Alternate between the run and sit-ups/crunches – 7 sets
Run 1/10th mile 7 runs
Situps Or Crunches 20 reps in between runs
Alternate between the elliptical and chest flys – 7 sets
Elliptical 1 min. Backwards
Chest Flys 80 lbs. – 15 reps
Alternate between the bike and lunges – 5 sets
25 lb Dumbbell Lunges 10 lunges (5 each leg)
Bike 1/2 mile Inside 1 min. 25 seconds

End of line.

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