October 22, 2021

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Binary Blogger Workout Journal – Feb 2014

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baby-pushupsCabin fever has a hold on me. Living in Minnesota this winter has been an indoor only type of weather. I have been able to get out and run a few times since Thanksgiving but I am not the kind to run when it’s -20 wind chill out and I do see people do it. Nuts. Workouts have been inside at the gym and as I eagerly wait spring to arrive so I can get back outside on regular basis and not risk freezing body parts off. Today’s workout was core with a splash of cardio.

Rotate the exercises, start at the top and go down the list. The 2 sets is moving through the list not consecutive at one shot. Change it up, let your muscle area rest as you work on others and repeat.

Stability Ball
Twists 50 twists – 2 sets
Sky Reaches 20 reps – 2 sets, 30 reps – 1 set
Ball Plank, arms on ball 1 min.
Body Squats 40 squats – 2 sets
Hamstring Exercises (bridges, ball pull, ball push) 10 reps each – 2 sets
Pushups – 3 hand positions (hands turned out, angle, straight) 10 each –  3 sets
Crunches 100 reps
Cardio (HR to 150+) 3 to 5 mins.

End of Line.

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