May 25, 2024

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Binary Blogger Review: The Lego Movie

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the_lego_movie-wideVery few movies get me excited anymore. Hollywood seems to put out sequels, remakes, and unoriginal junk over and over again. However, from time to time there are original thoughts and projects that reinvigorate the best art form on the planet. The Lego Movie was one of those projects. When I first saw the previews I got excited to see what this could be. How could they make a movie out of Legos? They did it and this is one of the best movies that has come out in a very long time.

Having children under 6 at home of course he wanted to see it but after watching the movie I can say that he missed most of the jokes and missed the story. I am going to remain spoiler free and only say that the ending took turn I did not see coming. In fact, it was down right touching and made me reflect on myself a bit. When you see the movie you’ll understand too.

The movie starts off with Emmet, a regular construction worker going through life following the instructions. Everything goes by the Lego instructions. President Business runs the world with order and strives for protection, everyone is happy. Emmet then finds himself falling down a hole and discovering a lost secret piece. He then becomes the savior, the one, the special builder that can save the world. This all happens quickly in the beginning and it only gets nuttier from there.

We are introduced to Superman, Green Lantern, Spaceman, and a slew of Lego figures who are Master Builders. People that can build anything from the world around them, outside of the instructions. Since they do not follow the rules, they are all sought out by President Business as they are in way of his plan for total perfection. The story goes from there and follows Emmet as he battles with the evil President Business to save the Lego world.


If you have ever played any of the Lego video games you will know that those games are filled with humor that is very, very witty. The movie is no different and it is full of it. That is what made it so great for an adult. The movie had enough visuals for the kids but it was written with the adults in mind as well. Especially adults and parents that grew up in the 80s.

The spaceman picture, his name is Benny in the movie, is how he looks throughout the film. If you ever had Legos as a kid in the 80s you had a spaceman and he looked exactly like that. The faded logo and the helmet split at the bottom. The attention to little details like that are peppered everywhere, hooking in the older viewers and made the movie more enjoyable for me than my 5-year-old. Several times my wife and I and other adults were laughing our butts off and my son would turn and ask what was so funny.

If you have kids and/or every built something with the old school Legos go see this movie. You will enjoy it. I can say confidently that this is the best animated film I have seen in a long time. Frozen is now a close second followed by Wreck It Ralph. The rest can’t hold a candle to The Lego movie.


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